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More Than Just A Cut & Polish

For this service, the vehicle receives a Ph neutral soft wash, removing any loose dirt and road debris. The painted surfaces are decontaminated by means of chemicals to remove tar, brake dust and other iron deposits. Once this is done, the final step of the decontamination process is the clay bar, this removes any particles lightly embedded in the paint surface.
Once the paint has been decontaminated and is smooth to the touch. The paint correction process can begin.This is done mechanically by means of a combination of rotary and dual action polishers, using various combinations of soft abrasive pads and compounds.
When going for the Custom Coatings Correction service, it includes everything from the OEM correction service. But, with 3 extra steps added prior to mechanical polishing.These are steps where we physically remove the ‘orange peel’ effect of the paint by means of sanding. First we cut the orange peel out with P2000 grit sand paper, these sanding marks are then refined by re-sanding with P3000 sand paper, further refining the previous sanding step.
Once all the sanding is done and orange peel is removed, we move on to the polishing steps, which are the same as the OEM correction service. By using this service, we are committing to you, to produce a paint finish that is literally perfect. Because the orange peel is removed, there is zero light refraction caused by the clearcoat. The lustre, the clarity and the gloss produced by this method is simply remarkable.
Both polishing processes come standard with short term spray wax sealant to protect the freshly worked paint. However, there are other long term and more hard wearing protection options. 

Detailing Pricing & Booking


approx. 4.5 hours

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  • Whole vehicle hand wash & dry
  • Wheel faces cleaned
  • Tires scrubbed and dressed
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Interior vacuum
  • All surfaces cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished
  • Spray sealant applied to exterior paint work and plastics


approx. 5 hours

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Everything in Maintenance Valet plus:
  • + Chemical decontamination of paintwork
  • + Clay bar all glass and exterior paintwork
  • + Single stage paint correction, restoring gloss
  • + Spray sealant applied

(+$200 for Van, Ute, SUV)


approx. 6.5 hours

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Everything in Stage 1 Paint Correction plus:
  • + Remove wheels, clean face and barrels
  • + Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
  • + Clean and polish brake callipers
  • + Paintwork heavy cut to remove deep scratches
  • + Paintwork polish to refine cutting step, restoring gloss

(+ $200 for Van, Ute, SUV)

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